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Shelter City: The Hague
Shelter City: The Hague is an initiative of Justitia et Pax, and has started in the autumn of 2012. Shelter City: The Hague is a program that supports human rights defenders who are threatened and under great pressure. Read more »

South Sudan
The Republic of South Sudan was established on July 9, 2011, as the final stage of a six year peace-agreement. Although formally the decades of civil war have ended with this independence, peace is not guaranteed. The major issues South Sudan is dealing with now, are border demarcation, inter-communal fighting, land/border conflict within the communities, corruption and in the south of the country the violence by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Read more »
At a Juba polling station on voting day in Southern Sudan referendum (photo: Siegfried Modola/IRIN).

Democratic Republic of Congo
The human rights situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo remains grave. National elections in the end of 2011 were chaotic and marred by state security forces attacking opposition candidates, journalists and ordinary citizens. In the East, the military and armed groups continue attacks on civilians, including rape and killings. Women in particular are the victims of sexual violence on a large scale. Women are ashamed to report incidents. Human rights defenders and journalists are threatened and are often unsure of their lives. There is an extreme culture of impunity and political tensions are on the increase, especially in the Eastern provinces of North and South Kivu. Read more »
Refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo at a transit camp in Ishasha, Uganda prepare food for breakfast. November 2008

Human Rights in the Netherlands: Migrant detention
Every year in The Netherlands between 6,000 and 10,000 migrants without residence permits are being detained in special migrant detention centres. They have not been convicted, neither are they suspected of a punishable act. Read more »
Photo: Marcel Terlouw/Argos

Justice and Peace Netherlands currently focuses on strengthening the capacity of the Burundian Justice and Peace Commissions at national (CEJP) and local level (8 Dioceses). Our work focuses on strategic planning; advocacy and policy influencing at (inter) national level and trainings concerning democracy, human rights, citizenship, good governance and reconciliation. Within this program we maintain regular contact with various local human rights organizations and the international delegations in the country. Read more »

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Shelter City


Shelter City: The Hague Initiative offers human rights defenders the possibility for rest and respite by letting them escape from a temporarily threatening situation. Shelter City is a last resort when shelter in the region is not possible and the safety of the human rights defender in question cannot be guaranteed. An important principle of the Shelter City Initiative is that human rights defenders continue their work, even if they are temporarily relocated.