Human rights defenders who took part in Shelter City

James Ninrew Dong

James Ninrew Dong is a preacher and involved with a number of civil society organisations that work on employment, the environment, smart use of resources, and human rights. James aims to have the voice of the common man heard. Due to the power struggle between the Dinka president Kiir and his former Nuer vice-president Machar, and the resulting violence, the Nuer have been subject to ethnic cleansing. James has spoken out against the violence as well as against the presence of the Ugandan army in the country. He emphasizes that at this moment the first priority must be to establish peace. Once this has been achieved, those who have violated human rights must be held accountable. James’ activism has, however, made him a target of the fighting factions. Two attempts were made on his life recently, and a number of his close relatives and fellow pastors have been killed. James fled South Sudan to seek shelter in The Hague.

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Shelter City


Shelter City: The Hague Initiative offers human rights defenders the possibility for rest and respite by letting them escape from a temporarily threatening situation. Shelter City is a last resort when shelter in the region is not possible and the safety of the human rights defender in question cannot be guaranteed. An important principle of the Shelter City Initiative is that human rights defenders continue their work, even if they are temporarily relocated.